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Jester said:
Those pictures are the same ones posted on here. Not a single stack, and 9mm is projected later this month.

I know the pictures are the ones posted here; read the whole thread at the bottom (2nd from bottom). The person was commenting on a new sub compact version, not the compact one that we have seen.

Chad Richter

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Posted September 12, 2006 09:51 AM

We have been issuing the full size M&P in 9mm for the last few months. I have about 3,000 through mine. I like it alot.

We have been told by our Law Enforcement sales rep that the 12 shot compact will be out "any day", for the last few months.

We have also been told that an 8 shot single stack "sub-compact" will be comming out next summer. The sub-compact really has my interest.
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