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olyeller said:
I assume your problem is trigger creep.

You have to remember that nice 1911 trigger jobs have the benefit of jigs to hold the sear and hammer in perfect position so that the engagement surfaces are square and angles are precise.

You cant get that feel on an M&P sear and striker freehand with a file and some stoning without a lot of practice, good eyes, and a good amount of labor.

Ive spent the last three days working on the sear/striker surfaces and Im still not satisfied.

-getting there, but still not satisfied.

Ill bet Dan & Co. burned through a sear or two when they started working on M&P's. 8)
I tried dryfiring a gun Dan did some work on, and i couldn't feel any grit or creep in it at all.

needless to say, my gun went out the next day.
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