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M&P Trigger "Take-up"

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Howdy. I am new here - USPSA shooter. I have been shooting 1911 style pistols since I started about 15 years ago. I decided to switch to Production Division and bought two M&Ps - one for my son and one for me - both 9mm. I love them! I did the trigger job (per the link here) on both and I am VERY pleased with the results - nice short reset, crisp, and light. This is a really sweet pistol. I was wondering, however, if there is anything that can be done about the take-up on the trigger? Is it too simple to assume that a set-screw could be installed somewhere to shorten the trigger's forward movement? My son has small hands and a shorter take up would really help him out. Any thoughts? Does anyone do this already? Mr. Burwell? Any feedback would be apprecaited. Thanks.
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Welcome, congrats, and good luck!
If you mess with the trigger's natural position in the trigger guard and its no longer production legal.
... to shorten the forward movement?

I dunno' ... I would like the shorten the overall pull, myself - it seems that my long fingers have to come too far back to engage. I was wondering if the transfer bar (trigger bar) could have a small extension welded in-line, somewhere in the middle of it, to increase its length ... perhaps up tp a full 1/4" ??? This would make the bent loop of the trigger bar contact the sear sooner, but the sear could still be modified per the instructions on D. B.'s site. This would still allow the trigger to rest in its "stock" position within the trigger guard, too. I haven't really given it mush thought, so I don't know how feasible the possibility of lengthening the Trigger Bar is ... but it's an idea I've been thinking about thinking about. ;-)

Does anyone know of something simple that I overlooked that would make this operation a bad (or imossible) idea?
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I noticed that Bowie Tactical is advertising two different trigger jobs on the M&P's. He has a long and a short. They are pictured on his web site to show the difference. I doesn't look too dramatic, but it might be enough to help your son's situation. I have no personal experience with Bowie Tactical, but had noticed his ad and thought it might apply.
My long or "L" trigger does shorten the take up or pretravel from factory a little and limits the over travel up front. If you want to get rid of the long pre travel with the more common trigger jobs this is the ticket.

CHECK 360 David Bowie

Bowie Tactical Concepts
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