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So, has anybody found a jhp defence load that their M&P40 (and especially the .40 compact) just does not reliably fire? Now, when I say "reliably", I have some parameters: the gun has been fired enough to be considered "broken in"; the gun is (more or less) clean and lubed; the mags are ok; the gun is being fired in a strong, two handed grip...ok, or a firm one handed grip but no "limp wrist" wankers; and lastly, the gun fires the load starting with a fully loaded magazine and one in the chamber, locks the slide open, and then fires one more fully loaded magazine. Here's why the parameters: a fully loaded gun and one full mag is all I ever carry. It's not the question here if the gun starts jaming after 231 rounds of Winchester 180gr SXT, or whatever. As long as it fires 21 rounds (my M&P40C), or 31 (! yeah, love that big full size M&P fire power!) it's done all that I am counting on it to do late some night in that dark parking lot after the opera; and "more or less" clean and lubed means, yeah, it's been in an IWB for a couple of weeks maybe, and has some dust bunnies and is maybe a tad "dry". Also please notice that "accuracy" is not part of this query. I'm just plain ol' Joe Armed Citizen and am curious about what other M&P carriers maybe be experiencing with their S&W M&P "Safety And Rescue Equipment". We can talk about IPSC and fun-and-games high round counts, and 2" groups at 50 yards (!) next time. Okay, so my little compact has fired "reliably" Win SXT 165s, Rem GS 165s, Speer GD 165s, and Hornady XTP 155s (not the new TAP stuff). It has even fired most these after having fired 30-40 rounds before being cleaned. So it's running absolutley great so far. But as you can see, it's a real limited sampling which is why I posted this. Thanks to all who are willing to share their experiences.

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