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M&P40 - Burwell Slide Blast and Melt

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Here are some images of my daughter's pistol after work from Burwell Gunsmithing.

  • Trigger - It is a smooth 3.5 pounds.
  • Trigger Reset Reduced 50-66%
  • Overtravel (After Trigger-Break Travel - now less than 1/16")
  • Slide Blast - Matte Finish Down to Stainless Steel
  • New Extended Slide Releases with Blast - Both sides
  • Takedown Lever Blast
  • Slide Melt
  • Polished Guide Rod
  • Polished Barrel
  • New Front Red Fiber Optic Site

    • This pistol on the top is my daughters. The one on the bottom is in the image for comparison. (Note: These images were made by Dan Burwell.)

      The barrel front around the crown is highly polished. The end of the guide rod was also polished to a mirror finish.

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Now thats nice!
Someone get my drool bucket!

Thanks for all the complements. I'm glad you like it.

Here's a picture that I took the other day of the same pistol. The only difference now is the addition of Agrip.

This M&P40 is my carry pistol at the moment. I liked the way Dan Burwell did this one so much that my normal carry, an XD40, is at his place now having melt, duracoat, and trigger work. When it's back, I'll show that one too.

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Very nice job...

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