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I recently bought a M&P40 full size. I became curious about it's size compared to a SIG P220 Carry DAK. So I put them side by side. Physically, they are the same over all size. I thought the SIG fit my hand well until I handled the M&P. That is the main reason I bought it. No other pistol fit my hand that well.

This pistol, the M&P40, is my first S&W auto and my second polymer framed pistol. My first "plastic" pistol was a well known brand used my the majority of police officers. I had a horrible experience. It jammed after every other shot and the plastic mag had to be pulled out after it was empty. I sold it quickly. Because of that, I became very skeptical of polymer framed pistols. Getting this M&P40 was a giant leap of faith for me. I'm glad I took it.

I love the SIG too. Nice fit and great trigger.


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