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M&P9 and my trip to the range

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I purchased my M&P 9 (MPHxxxx) last week and had not had an opportunity to take it to the range until today.

I've always been a devout Glock guy. I have owned a Glock 17, and I currently own the "dreaded" Glock 22 and the Glock 26 sub.

I was impressed with the M&P. I think it is a great addition to the polymer family and I'm proud to have one in my collection. I can honestly say that I feel it will shoot better than I am capable of. I put 100 rounds through it at lunch, so it's had close to 120 through it total. I have not had the first "burp" out of it so far, which is what I had expected.

I was shooting at 10 yards and began immediately pulling them down and to the right. This was definitely due to shooter error, as I began grouping fairly decently after the first magazine.

I was using cheap practice ammo (Winchester White Box), but the gun has a lot of potential. Hopefully my shooting will improve enough to really put this gun to the accuracy test.

Overall, I'm pleased with the M&P. I think it is fantastic piece. It is easy to field strip and clean. It has a crisp trigger. The cocking serrations are fantastic. The interchangeable palm swells are a bonus!

The only disadvantage I have found so far with this weapon is the slide release. I have had many experiences with tight slide releases before, but this one takes the cake. I finally resorted to pulling back on the slide to let it go into battery. I've never had this problem with Glock or any of the 1911's I have owned and shot. I am hoping this problem will go away as the weapon is broken in.

Kudos to S&W for producing such a fantastic weapon. I expect this weapon will earn its share of the polymer market.
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You probably do not have the extended slide release. S&W can send you one or you can get a prepaid label to send it to them and have them change it.

I'm still waiting with credit card in hand to get an M&P 9mm and retire off my Glock 19.
By the accounts that I have read on this forum so far (been reading for two weeks now), I do indeed have the extended slide release. It's certainly not a huge problem. I'm sure I will develop calouses pretty quickly...
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with a MPH.... serial number he has the extended one they are just really stiff when you first get them. If it doesn't loosen up to your satisfation someone put up a post a while ago that will walk you through helping it along, for the most part if you just keep using it, it will wear the sharp upper edge down and it will release easier.
Excellent. That's great to hear. I figured it would ease up. My Glock 22 was real stiff when I first got it (not comparable to the stiffness of the M&P) and it eased up after some use too.

This is my practice pistol, so it will get at least 200 rounds a week. Maybe after the first month or two I'll see a big difference.

Thanks for the input Dan.
I did some polishing on the release lever and the slide notch, mine releases MUCH better now. It was stiff at first.
Well it has certainly loosened up a bit, even after the first 100 rounds. I noticed it last night while I was cleaning it. The "righty" release releases like I would expect, but the "lefty" is still stiff (it doesn't really make sense to me). It could be simply because I am use to hitting the "righty" on my Glocks and just haven't perfected the "flick" for the "lefty" side yet. (I am left-handed)

I'm very pleased.
The lefty release is stiff because it has much less leverage thna the righty release. Not only does it have flex from the nothch being on the left side of the frame, but i is also not as far back as the righty release.
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