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What one would you buy?

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Alright I can get an two guns locally and I cant decide between them. I am in a non-CC state so these firearms are mainly for rec and self-def. (i am not hardcore so the little things might not sway my mind as much)

M&P9c ~ $450

Grips, 2 mags, (+free mag offer), case

Springfield XD 3" SS|Blue ~ $475

Holster, Mag Holster, 10mag, 16mag(w/ ext), case

I have a M$P40, so i already have an M&P and I love it. I just decide between, I know the M&P would be awesome, but I have also read lot about the XD being quality as well, plus that SS slide just looks top-draw, so variety might help the collection. Anyone's opinion?

PS don't say both
, haha I think im getting an EOTECH for my AR with my other cash... or Chuck Schwab could use it too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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