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M4arc's M&P Range Report!

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Make: Smith & Wesson

Model: M&P9

Caliber: 9mm

Serial #: MPH64##

Rev: N

Internal Lock: No

Mag Safety: No

Purchased: Bob's Gun Shop, Norfolk, VA on Dec 7th

Price: $526 including tax, NICS, and one year range membership

I took my M&P out for the first time on Friday and to put it simply, I'm impressed! It fits my hand better than my Glocks and ran without a hitch. I ran the small back-strap but I might play around with the medium as well to see which one I like better. The controls were all easy to use and felt very natural. The gun points naturally and it took me a few magazines to get used to the trigger but overall I don't think it's too bad. I liked the stock sights and recoil felt very soft.

Here was the breakdown on the ammo I ran through it:

Independence 115gr FMJ - 50 rounds

Winchester WB 115gr FMJ - 50 rounds

American 115gr FMJ - 50 rounds

Remington 115gr JHP - 100 rounds

Winchester SXT 147gr JHP - 40 rounds

A total of 290 rounds without an issue which is what I expected. I'm heading to the range next Friday so I'll report back but so far I have a very favorable opinion of this new handgun!
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Congrats! I've also had smooth sailing with my 9mm. Many people seem to have discovered a new favorite.
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Nice review. While I've never been a Glock fan, the M&P did make a safe queen out of my P-99.
I was able to skip out of work a little early this afternoon and hit the range with my M&P9. I was very impressed last week when I took it out for the first time and today was much of the same. I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted at the range but I spent enough to run the following through it:

Independence 115gr FMJ - 100 rounds

Winchester WB Value Pack (Wal-Mart) 115gr FMJ - 100 rounds

American 115gr FMJ - 50 rounds

Round count for the day was 250 which brings the total round count up to 540.

Since I plan on shooting it at the next Blackwater IPSA match I wanted to spend a little time doing reloads. Right off the bat I was slower than I am with my Glocks for some reason but I did pick it up a little bit towards the end. Also mine appears to be one of those M&Ps that when you slam the magazine home the slide closes. This is fine with me because my Glocks do it as well so I'm used to it and I work it to my advantage. However, slapping the magazine home was killing my hand by the end of the session. I don't know why because it's never bothered me before, maybe I'm getting old?

One more point I want to make; coming from Glocks I've rarely used the slide release, generally using the overhand method instead. Today I practiced both with the M&P and the slide release works quite nicely and is easy to manipulate. I did use the overhand method as well, being sure to mix it up, and I really like the aggressive slide serrations.

I'm still extremely impressed with this handgun at this point and plan to shoot it a lot over the holidays. Stand by for updates to this thread
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Two quick items I noticed while cleaning my M&P9 this morning:

1) The front sight seems to have developed a dark spot, dead center, in the white. At first I though this was grim & gun powder but all of my attempts to clean it have failed. Upon close inspection it looks as though the paint is cracking. I'll keep my eye (no pun intended) on it.

2) The roll pins are not centered, both are shifted to the left. The rear is flush with the left side of the frame and the front is protruding out a millimeter or two. I'm not going to mess with them yet. I'll continue to monitor their position from now on.

Oh, I also installed the medium backstrap so I'll try it for the next range trip to see how I like compared to the small.
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Don't worry about the roll pins as they are all like that. The front one sticks out just a bit to stop the take down lever. the rear one is put in and taken out the left side so it is usually of set just a bit. as for the front sigth a bit of white testors will get you back to white.
Like Dan says, the pins both stick to the left a bit. My hand managed to rub my rear compact pin which irritated my hand. I just grabbed a punch and centered it. My full size pin is slightly off to the left but it does not irritate my hand on the full size.
I'm glad you like it. My roll pins are in very tight, so I don't know how they could move or come out.

Great reports, glad you are having good luck with your M&P9!
My front sight flaked off just like yours, I dropped some white epoxy paint on it with a toothpick, whala, back to shiny white. My roll pins are shifted like yours on both my guns. Non issue, I think.

Good reviews, thanks for sharing!!
Update: 12/20/06

I hit the outdoor range today and put another 350 rounds through the M&P. Here's the break down:

150 rounds WWB 115gr FMJ

100 rounds American 115gr FMJ

100 rounds of Independence 115gr FMJ

Which brings the cumulative round count up to 890.

I did experience a FTE. Basically the spent case remained in the chamber, the slide cycled and tried to feed a new round. This happened with WWB and after about 250 rounds fired. I did not experience any more failures after that one.

I did a lot of holster work today along with a lot of multiple steel targets, moving, and reloading and I'm not very happy with how I handle this handgun under a little bit of stress. The long and faint reset tripped me up for the most part and the "double reset" got me quite a few times. I'm not sure what to do about it at this point. I really didn't want to do any trigger work on it until I put a couple thousand through it but I might have to rethink that policy.

Bottom line for today is I don't shoot this as well as I do my Glocks under any kind of stress. And the drills we were doing today were mild and casual so I'm concerned that when the stress really spikes I'll be fumbling around with it. I was hoping to run this gun at BW in January but know I think I'll run my G19 instead and wait to run the M&P in February.

I might just be that I have far more experience with Glocks or it might be that trigger coming around to bite me in the a$$. I'll keep you all posted.

NOTE: The pins haven't moved but the front sight is getting worse. I'll try the paint trick after I get it cleaned up. Thanks for the tip.
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I think the Glock trigger experience is biting you in the ass. I had the same issue when I first started shooting M&Ps. The reset is much shorter and distinct with the Glock. The break is much cleaner on the M&P which makes it better for accuracy for me. I occasionally have the same issues since I had been a Glock shooter, but I also plan on saving money to have Dan work over the triggers on mine.
awesome, how was the ammo? did they all shoot similar?
You're probably right Matt.

A couple of other notes I forgot to add in yesterdays post: Mark5pt56 shot about half the rounds yesterday. In fact the FTE happened while he was shooting it. His credentials are extremely impressive so I'm convinced it wasn't a shooter induced failure

The other thing I noticed is how bad the mags get dinged up. I can't even imagine how many times my Glock mags hit the pavement, gravel and dirt but after years of being ejected, dropped and stepped on they aren't in as bad of shape as my new M&P mags are after just one day of drills. These M&P base plates are chipped and dinged up already. I'v read numerous reports of the base plates actually breaking so I'll continue to monitor them.
Bad rounds do occasionally go through so who knows about the FTE, especially if it was just one out of many. I'd just keep an eye on it.

If you contact S&W, they will probably send you new magazines. I believe Glock baseplates are thicker than the M&Ps, but regardless plastic on cement drops are very hard on plastic. Just curious but where are you getting the chips on the baseplate? Are they on the front part of the baseplate?

The only good solution imo is to stick on some rubber magazine bumbers to absorb some of the impact...maybe some M&P magpul Rangers :twisted:
Matt - I'm not too worried about the FTE yet. Like I said in another post I generally don't worry about such things until after I have 1000-1500 rounds through a gun.

As for the base plates they are getting chipped up along the edges; front and sides. Glock base plates are actually thinner but don't seen to get beat up. I know I'm splitting hairs here but these look back enough that if I concealed carried they would probably snag clothing!

My solution is to purchase a bunch of 10 rounders for practice, training classes and the IPSA/IDPA matches and leave my 17 rounders for carry. That way I can beat the piss out of them and not worry about it. I do that with my old Clintonized Glock mags
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Maybe S&W should look into having a different type of polymer used for the baseplates.

That is a good idea to use the 10 rounders to beat up. I still would want some type of solution to prevent any future damage on the others though.
I have heard of the paint problem on the sights a couple of times since I have started reading the post. Is this something that happens to all types of guns? Or is it the way S&W put the paint on.

One of my back sight paint dots fell off after about 300 rounds.
Update: 1/17/2007

I didn’t have much time but I managed to sneak out the range during lunch this afternoon. Since I had my G19 with me well as my M&P9 I decided to run a little experiment. I shot both, side-by-side @ 15’. I put 50 rounds through each, alternating between the two and shooting 5 rounds at a time.

I found that I’m much more consistent with the M&P than I am with my G19. Keep in mind that I’ve been shooting GLOCKs for years. I’m not sure what that means other than I seem to shoot the M&P9 better even though I’ve only owned it for five weeks.

Recoil was noticeably less with the M&P and the grip was much more comfortable. Of course I already knew that but since I was shooting them side-by-side it was really brought to light.

I did try the Medium back strap again and I noticed a slight lose of accuracy. I saw a pattern of low and to the left…a pattern that resembles my GLOCK patterns. So I replaced the Small back strap back and I was consistently back in the black! It’s not that I find the medium uncomfortable but I think it has something to do with the distance to the trigger and where it naturally puts my finger on the trigger. I’m sure the ergonomics have some effect on how I pull the trigger as well.

Ammo was WWB from Wally World and I did not experience any failures with either gun.

Today’s Ammo

50 rounds WWB 115gr FMJ (Wal-Mart Value Pak)

Cumulative total as of 1/17/2007: 940

Final Note: I really like this gun…I don’t want to but I do.
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