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Mag catch - mag dropping solution?

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I have read several threads about mags dropping out of M&P pistols.

I am wondering if the magazine could be modified -

Bend the "lip" of the mag - right at the point where the mag catch contacts it when it is in the mag well out - say 1MM - so you would - in effect need to push the mag catch button in farther in order to drop the mag.

I have very limited knowledge about metal bending - but maybe someone who knows something about it could provide some input.

Hard part would be making a very small adjustment in metal that is this thick -
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Don't damage the mag. It would be cheaper to call S&W to have them send you a new mag release rather than damaging a $35 mag.
I have doubts

I don't think bending the mag would fix the problem, I know it would not fix it for me. I am afraid it would lead to a mag that will not drop free. Good thought however, thinking out of the box.
I replaced the mag catch already - did not see any difference - my gun works fine and has not dropped any mags for almost a year -

That is one downside of these forums - read about a problem enough and then start to worry about it.

I would rather have the mag a little too hard to push rather than be this easy.

Combine this issue with a mag safety - it could be a bad combo.

On second thought messing with the mag is not a bright idea - it could change the feeding reliability.

I wonder if a stiffer mag catch spring could be found?
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I agree. I just hope it doesn't happen ever again. I've been thinking about buying a backup weapon just in case.
650 rounds thru my 40 since S&W replaced the mag catch with no problems ,shooting better than ever
One quick point

The problem that I faced with my M&P dropping mags, was due to me hitting the mag catch. Let me say this before any one ask about my grip. I shoot with a very high grip thumbs forward. It has worked with every other weapon I have ever owned and I have been pretty succesful in IDPA.

That being said it it not my grip. My hands are just a little smaller than average and due to this it places my finger right at the mag catch. What I did was file about half the mag catch off and the problem disappeared.

However, I feel that alot of the mag dropping problems are not due to a mechincal failure, but due to the design of the mag catch and how it flows into the grip.[/quote]
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I would shy away from bending the mags too much. You can cause other interferences that will land you in trouble. Last thing you need is to have a bent piece of sheet metal skiving plastic from inside the magwell and getting stuck. If I was going to be bending on anything I would do it to the mag catch spring and try to increase the force required to release the mag. On my MP9 the release of the mag takes VERY little force, even with a loaded mag. It is not all that difficult to imagine people making incidental contact with the release during recoil, or in general for smaller handed individuals, and dropping their mags. Maybe the reason why the 40 seems to have more of an issue with the mag dropping. Recoil on the 40 is quite a bit stiffer than 9, so the gun in the shifts more in the hand than say a 9 would.
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I wouldn't mess with it. I think they would have thought of that if it would work. I know I couldn't build a gun so I have no intention of trying to alter the design on one.
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