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Mag catch

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On fullsize and compact. 9mm or 40, doesn't matter.

Answer yes if you have had a problem, and no if you havn't

I have had 2 fullsize with no problem and 1 compact no problem.
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3 full size, 2 compacts = NO problems, at all.
Full size 40 MPB0xxx occasional unintentional release

Compact 9 MPL14xxx no problems

Compact 40 MPN1xxx on the way back to S&W, since day one the mag drops,

at times with every round fired
full size 9mm no problems yet (knock on wood)... revision N built in august of 2006
Excellent poll. I am curious how this one will turn out.

I haven't had a problem with mine.
Full size 40 just back from Smith replaced mag catch.
Once with my full size 40, MPF12XX...

Three times with my 40c, MPN31XX...
Full size 40 mph37xx

compact 9 mpl25xx

Both repaired buyS&W,1150 rounds thru the 40, 550 thru the 9c problem free. Yes great poll ,lets see what the numbers tell.
First day I go tmy M&P 40, I had mag release by itself. One day aftr purchase, I took it to my dealer. He sent it back in to S&W for me. That was May 12. I still don't have my NEW GUN back.

EDIT TO ADD: mine was MPM...
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Had one problem with my Full size 9 the first session. Switched it around to the right side of the gun zero problems since. So it was most likely user error!! :roll:
have 2 full size 9's and haven't had a problem with this issue.
I have the 9 compact and 40 compact and neither gave me any problems.

No problem with mag catch on my .40 full size or .45.
One full size 9 MPM series Revision N. No problem with slightly over 1K rounds though her.
9MM MPBseries 3000rnds no mag problem :twisted:
40 Compact MP-N024X. Mag catch drop started at around 400 rounds. Sent to S&W, they replaced the mag catch, problem didn't return again until several hundred more rounds.

When I reverse the mag catch to the right side, I don't have mag drop problems.... BUT I'm not so sure how smart it is to use the gun that way when all of my other semi-autos have the mag catch button on the left.

I'm of the opinion that the placement of the mag catch AND it's relative high-sensitivity allow the mag to be dropped when the mag catch button is touched by one's thumb during recoil. Keeping one's thumb out of the way of the mag release button can prevent this, however I don't think it's a very good solution as during the intensity of a self-defense situation, one's grip is likely to be less than perfect... if not FAR from perfect... and that's one time you DON'T want your mag dropping out. So far I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea of having to watch my thumb placement or keep the mag catch button on the wrong side of the gun for me....
I have no issues of this type with any of my approximately 30 other semi-auto pistols. Otherwise, I LOVE the M&P 40 Compact!
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Responses with Serial Numbers would really be helpful.

Thanks to those of you who have supplied Serial Numbers........very helpful.
I have the 9c & 9 full size (NO PROBLEMS AT ALL)
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