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Mag Disconnect and Smart Ejection

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One thing I really like about the M&P vs. previous pistols I've owned is the way that magazines are ejected smartly and surely. Because of what I am familiar with, I was planning to have the magazine disconnect disabled on my M&P while having a trigger job done. However, after looking at the internals, it appears that it might be the magazine disconnector that is providing the spring force to eject the magazines.

Is this a correct assessment?

Do the pistols without the magazine disconnector still have a spring assisted ejection?

Thanks in advance.
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the mag disconnect does nothing to the mag drop.

Our friend gravity and the magazine spring, along with the benefit of an all metal mag body are plenty to get the mags poppin out like sh** through a goose.
While the M&P won't fire a mag out at an attacker like some guns will, they always get out of the way pretty darn fast when doning reloads.

I agree with yeller, the mag disco has nothing to do with it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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