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Magizine loading WIERD!!!!!

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I went to the range today with the MP9 I bought last night! Here is my question. While reloading the magazine the slide would go forward on its own?????? But for the most part it was only when the slide was locked by the weapon firing????

I was shooting WWB 115 FMJ / also 50rds of 8$ blazer.

Anyone had this happen or is it supposed to?????

It did it almost every time..


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Heard someone call that "Miami Vice-ing"

Yeah - if you slam the mag in the slide will go forward. Since mine is the no safety anything version, I thought that was to help emergency loading for Military / LE version. :wink:

Part of the need to slam is the mag spring needs to compress even more when you load a mag. These mag springs are tough when new, give them a few weeks to soften up. I have a 2 week old 40, I keep the mags loaded to start compressing the springs.

After about 600 rounds, my mag goes in smooth.
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nwetherill said:
Yeah the thing is I am not slamming it in. I do agree with the mag springs being tight. I loaded 250 rds today lol. Some were in my Hi Poing 995 carbine. (like 50)

I couldnt stop shooting the M&P that thing flat out rips lol

Maybe then your slide lock spring isn't stong enough to fully catch the slide???

Agree w/ you on the M&P shooting, it's nice to have a gun that shoots 20 cent rounds as opposed to $1.20 / round!!!
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