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Man, the price of ammo is rising...Reloading?

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Seems like even the 9MM White Box I get from Wally World has gone from like $13 to $16 withjin the last couple months! I wonder what the break-even price is for reloading that calibre. Anybody?
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About $55 per thousand for 115 or 124gr bullets.

about $16 for a pound of titegroup powder (works pretty spiffy in 9mm)

about $25 a thousand for small pistol primers.

price of brass varies. For good 9mm brass that has been cleaned, expect at least $30 per thousand.

Once you have a decent supply of brass figure about $0.09 per round. So about $90 a thousand.
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The cheapest setup you can get that is even remotely worth bothering with is a lee turret kit + a tumbler + dies + powder measure upgrade + bullet puller + calipers

That's what I started with about 4.5 years ago and it cost me about $280 then.

If i were starting over i would have just gotten a progressive press off the bat. Starting from zero and getting a progressive plus all the goodies you need to use it safely, you are probably talking $700.

if that'd buy enough ammo to not worry about it for a year or so, then reloading probably isn't for you.
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