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Me too!

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Add me to the list of compact owners, 9mm, no lock, no mag disc. I shot 50 rounds to check function and sights, all perfect. This is my second m&p. I have a full size that has become my #1 IDPA SSP gun. 1000 rounds through that one without a hitch. If the funds are there when the 45 comes out, I'll have one of those, too. S&W really got it right with the M&P.
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got mine Monday

Bought a full sized and a compact Monday, love them both so far.
I recued A Compact!!!

We went to the range (The Bullet Trap in Plano,, Tx) yesterday And to my suprise, there was a MP compact just sitting there in the case calling to me!
What else could I do but whip out the trusty old credit card and rescue it from the clutches of these uncaring clerks.

The timing was perfect. Here I was at the range with a new pistol. Ran about 200 rounds through it straight out of the box with no problems. Very accurate and easy recoil control. Sweet!!! I couldn't tell too much difference in accuracy from my MP40. Love my MP's!! They are making me look like a very good shot. 8)

Almost forgot to ad, no lawyer lock and no Mag. disconect.
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Just got my MP 9c yesturday.I put 100 rounds of Remington ball and 50 rounds of 124gr Cor-bon +p.What a shooter!!! If I do my part ,one big hole at 7 yards.I was hitting claybirds on the backstop at 15 yards. Very impressed.
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