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Melonite Finish

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Is this on the bbl and slide, or just slide?
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They are exactly the same. Same process, different trade names.
YukonGlocker said:
When Glock puts the Tenifer treatment on steel it makes the steel corrosion resistant. The only difference with the Melonite treatment is that, with the M&P, it is applied to stainless steel. When the Melonite is applied to stainless steel is does not make it more corrosion resistant.
How's that?
toocool said:
[quote name='bigkracka']They are exactly the same. Same process, different trade names.

This brings up the question - if they are the same, then why is it not black on Glocks (they put a phosphate finish over the Tenifer) but on Smith's stainless parts, it's a black finish? Everything I've read indicates the Glock Tenifer finish is a metal treatment, and does not blacken the metal. This would follow, that those who polish the slide of their M&P's do not remove the Melonite, just a "cover" finish.[/quote] I would guess that Glock is covering up whatever the steel looks like after the tenifer process with their black teflon type finish. S&W leaves it as is, or is adding a finish as well.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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