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Metal competitor problems

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Hey guys,

Just picked up a 2.0 competitor for duty use. Overall I like the gun, but I noticed the front grip insert is pretty loose or wiggly. Is that common with the metal m&p’s?
Also the trigger was pretty gritty and when I took off the slide I notice that I can push in the striker plunger and it will stay down and not pop up. I know they redesigned it, but I’ve never experienced this before. Once I pop the slide back on it pops back up.
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I just bought the regular metal M&P and noticed after shooting 300 rounds that the front grip wiggles. I bought this one because my 5 inch performance center is in repair for 3 weeks for sheared screws. I am not able to send this one off until the other gets fixed. FML 😒
Same issue. Picked mine up today and after taking off the slide to oil everything and cycling a few times, I noticed the front grip jiggled a bit. About to contact S&W because I don't see an easy fix.
Let us know what they say. Same issue
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