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Democrats in Lansing, with narrow control of the state legislature, muscled through a raft of anti-gun measures on Thursday.

The Michigan State Senate approved 11 different bills that include Extreme Risk Protection Orders, so-called red flag laws, that brush over a person’s rights to due process and legal representation in favor of a state-enforced gun seizure for up to a year. Other proposals that saw success are storage mandates that prevent a person from quickly accessing a firearm for self-defense, coupled with an expansion of state gun licensing requirements.

Republican lawmakers who opposed the gun control scheme said the bills will have little effect on crime and argue they were only passed by progressive Dems looking to bank on easy optics with their base.

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I hope whatever is in the water up north doesn't filter down south.

We nearly had such stuff going on here a couple years ago. The VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League) and others (not so much the NRA but other 2nd Amendment rights groups) got the ball rolling with the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movements in the towns, cities, counties. Near the end of the something like 96% of the local governments had declared they where a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary and any new laws violating the US and VA Constitutions would not be enforced in their jurisdictions.

The state government mouthed around about arresting local LEOs that would not enforce the new laws and some Sheriffs and county administrators said they would resist that by deputizing law abiding citizens of the county to insure needed manpower was available to resist any state level LE efforts to arrest/detain local LEOs.

Then the state government mouthed around about using the VA National Guard to do that job and some counties officially announced they were starting up county militias (not many, maybe 2 or 3) to insure their counties/localities would be protected while other counties talked about it but never officially announced meetings, training, etc.

In the end the state legislature failed to pass the weapons bans, mag. restrictions, etc. and in the last election the dims/libs/progs/socialists lost the governor's house and the lower house while maintaining a slim margin of control in the state senate. Several organizations are working hard to try to change that in the elections coming this fall.

We'll see. I've read of 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movements in other states since then but have no idea how effective they've been.

An example of how bad the court system has become is that judges will declare efforts to declare areas in a state or whole states as 2nd Amendment sanctuaries get shot down as "unlawful" while cities and states declaring themselves to be illegal alien sanctuaries and failing to cooperate or uphold federal laws is ignored by the courts.

It's a deep and dark hole folks.
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