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"The pistol registered to that address matched..."

The pistol registered to what address? The poorly written article suggests the investigators already had an address of a suspect, and found from the database there was a gun registered to an owner living at that address that matched the type of gun they were looking for.

So...all of the 2,000 tips that led them to a particular address was insufficient for probable cause, but the database that said the resident at that address owned a gun 'of the type' they were looking for was enough? Hmmm. I doubt that.

And of course, all we know is that one detective claims it allowed them to make an arrest more quickly. Near as I can tell that seems to be a major goal in these kinds of high-profile cases, regardless of much else. That they got an arrest doesn't impress me much.

Convince me the database has been instrumental in solving or preventing crime--show any data whatsoever that indicates a statistically significant impact it has in actually doing something useful, and then maybe Michigan would at least have a reason to treat its citizens like potential criminals.

Anyone notice how over the past year or so the gun thing has resurfaced as an issue? More and more stories, it seems, about 'the gun issue'. It would be so wonderful if lawmakers were held accountable to the effectiveness of and rationale for their ideas--with actual data that makes sense. But no, the only standard they are held to is how well they can appeal to the emotions of the fearful. And it seems most Americans now fit into that category--or at least 47% of them do.
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