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I find this comment interesting:

"The detective in charge of the investigation said there is no way an arrest could have been made so quickly without the pistol registry database, said Sgt. Christopher Hawkins, legislative liaison for the Michigan State Police."

I have no doubt that is true, but it is also true that we could solve a lot more crimes if we eliminated the 4th and 5th amendment as well.

No reason to make the police obtain reasonable cause or a warrant to search your property, after all it's about solving crime not protecting individual liberty. No reason we should protect all the dirt bags from self incrimination, after all they are dirt bags and do not need protection from the government.

As a mater of fact, lets just repeal the Constitution and let the government decide what they can do and what they can't, after all it's more important to protect us from bad guys than it is to protect our liberty and freedom.

(For those that have not had their coffee yet this morning the above was sarcasm)

Note: I am a resident of Michigan.
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