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Milt Sparks VM2

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I am currently using a VM2 made for the Glock 21 and am having a printing problem. In an email to Milt Sparks they said "of course" you are having a printing problem you are using the wrong holster. Does anyone have a VM2 for the M&P? If so could you please post a picture of your gun in it so I can see how it sits in the holster compared to mine setup.
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I have another thread on here about my printing problem. I have carried many firearms in VM2s with no problem. This is the first weapon I am having a problem concealing. I thought it might have been the beavertail causing the problem so I removed it, didn't solve the problem.
I can see this is going to turn into another thread that goes stupid. Have you put a Glock and a M&P next to each other? They are pretty close. Thank you Mr. Obvious for pointing out the obvious. The whole point to this thread was to see if someone ALREADY has a VM2 for the M&P. I'd like to see how it rides in the correct VM2. I am betting that there will not be much difference. For me, maybe not anyone else, my shirt is tucking itself in behind the butt of the grip. Have not had that problem with various 1911s, Glock 17 and HK P2000 all in VM2s. If the proper VM2 sinks the M&P deeper in the holster so more of the barrel is being pressed against the hip, forcing the butt of the gun in tighter, then I think the printing issue will go away. I was just hoping someone already had one so we could see a picture of how deep it rides.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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