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Milt Sparks VM2

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I am currently using a VM2 made for the Glock 21 and am having a printing problem. In an email to Milt Sparks they said "of course" you are having a printing problem you are using the wrong holster. Does anyone have a VM2 for the M&P? If so could you please post a picture of your gun in it so I can see how it sits in the holster compared to mine setup.
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My VM2 should get to me in April too. We'll let you know in April if the VM2 specifically for the M&P has printing problems. I can tell you this though:

My cousin is a Glock guy. I'm poor. So until my VM2 comes, I called my cousin and asked him if he had a Glock 20/ 21 holster I could borrow for a few months because I don't want to spend $30-50 on a holster I'll never use again after I get my VM2 (I compete with my VM2). He lent me a Safariland 6004 tactical drop leg holster. Not exactly what I had in mind, but beggers can't be choosers. But it didn't fit. My M&P rode about 1/2" too high. The locking mechanism of the holster couldn't clear the beaver tail.

I noticed a plastic sleeve on the tension bolt where the trigger guard sits. I took it off to look at it, and I noticed it was about 1/2" thick. So I put the bolt back in sans sleeve, and voila, my M&P slid in 1/2" more, and fits like a glove. I don't have any Glocks so I don't know for sure, but I think the front of the trigger guard on the M&P is about 1/2" further away from the butt of the gun than the trigger guard of the Glock. This could cause a printing problem.

But we'll let you know in April.
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