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Finally have my new VM2 (got it in the afternoon 2 weeks ago), and my M&P40 (sent it back to S&W the morning of 2 weeks ago) at the same time. The fit is awesome. The finish is beautiful. The craftsmanship is flawless. Well worth the wait.

I also have an HK USP compact 40 in a VM2 that I carried until yesterday. I think my M&P conceals better than my USP even though the M&P grip is a little longer. The M&P is a little narrower, so it rides closer to the body.

I don't have a car. I only ride a motorcycle, so I went for a short ride yesterday to see how the M&P felt. It's just as comfortable as every other Milt Sparks holster I've tried.

Last night I went to dinner at my friend's house. After dinner, his son & daughter wanted to go to the park (she's 10, he's 7). So we all walked to the park, played tag (chase really, when I tag them I'm still it), ran around, etc. Then the kids wanted me to roll down the hill with them, to race them. I laid down on the ground and remembered I had my gun on. I figured, "oh well, this is gonna hurt a little" and down the hill we went. The gun stayed in the holster, and there was no pain. I actually rolled down a 75' hill with my gun on and nothing happened. This holster is awesome.

I can't wait to compete with it tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, if you haven't rolled down a hill in a while, you should really try it again. I forgot how fun it is.
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