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I purchased my 9mm in early July and promised to come back with my report once I had the opportunity to shoot with it. I also said that I would report only if my impressions were different than everyone else’s. Well, since impressions here vary, I will give you mine briefly.

I would like to focus on the difference between my new M&P 9mm and my “old” Sigma 9mm. Though the guns have similar appearances and size, there is really nothing else similar between them.

I found the M&P to be much more comfortable to hold, and smoother to operate. Even though I read some complaints here, the trigger is much-much better than that of the Sigma.

The biggest difference that I noticed (and cared about) is the accuracy. Due to its construction, I always thought that the Sigma flexes (gives) somewhat while shooting…which would affect accuracy. I am now convinced that this is the case. The recoil seemed to be easier to control and therefore shooting “tap-tap” and even “tap-tap-tap” produced good results!

I like my M&P very much and I am happy I got it!

(Now if I only got my free magazines and range bag already, I will be a completely happy shooter)

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