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Modifications: finger rest & ported slide?

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New guy here, and I'm just wondering if anyone's looked into the possibility of cutting some slide porting on a M&P 9mm, or possibly cutting some ridges or notches into the front of the trigger guard for a finger rest?

I'm going to start saving up to see if I can get some of Dan's work done in a couple months, and was trying to think of my full "wish list" for the M&P 9mm. It has a touch more kick than I'm used to, so some small vents on the slide might work well and look fairly nice. Because there's no safety button/switch, I'd really like something a bit more natural for a place to rest my finger, and a set of notches/grooves on the front of the trigger guard might be just the trick for that. Maybe even a diamond cross-groove.

Mine didn't come with night sighs, so I'd like either the Trijicons or I could manage to cope with some of the hi-viz sights instead, with either a Lasergrip or a combination Tac Light + Laser mounted on the rail. I'm definitely going to have the gun worked on in regards to the color - getting it cleaned up to stainless should look really good, and I'd be half tempted to see about duracoating or powder coating it at that point. Maybe even some kind of black chrome?

Of course, this is all a wish list, and probably not all that reasonable. But I'm hoping that my M&P is going to be with me for a lot of years, so it's a good thing to make sure it counts.
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I think this what you may have in mind, just click the link....

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