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Modified Class 3 stoppage drill

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Hi all!

As I'm sure the M&P will never have a double feed :wink: I doubt this necessary but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway. It's a trick I learned in one of my classes to shave at least a couple of seconds off of clearing a Class 3 stoppage.

Apparently the "normal" way is: Lock slide back, rip magazine out, work slide multiple times, insert new mag, work slide to chamber round, and you're back in business (hopefully).

Modified method: Depress mag release, work slide aggressively several times. This relieves tension on magazine, allowing it to fall free and also clears the malf. Now the gun is ready for a reload and it's ready to rock.

Cutting the fine motor skill of locking the slide back all the way and the need to manually rip the mag out shaves several seconds off my time in the procedure. I think I was able to get a shot off in approx 4.0 seconds vs. the 7 something I needed to do it the other way and I'm by no means the fastest. Now this won't work with all guns, SIGs being among them. However I have tried this on the M&P and it works beautifully.

Have fun!

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