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More range time today with the 9mm compact. Really growing to like

this pistol.

After chronographing loads, I sent another 100 down range shooting doubles

and triples at about 10 yards.

As usual, no function issues at all. Accuracy is good as well.

A few point are becoming obvious, even to me. I need a shot timer

and better targets. The 8x11 pages I use now (with dots) are nice

but B27's would be better. A shot timer would also let me put

numbers to the shooting..... better or worse.

Also, I'd like to find someplace around this part of PA where I can get involved

in shooting IDPA. I have never tried or even seen it before, but reading

about it suggests it's something I would really like to do.

Hmm.... have to start asking around. There must be someplace.....

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What part of PA are you in?

there are quite a few folks here from PA and surely someone here can find some matches close to you.

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I'm in the Lancaster area.

Looking at the IDPA website I found a number of clubs that sponsor

matches, but none close. Closest is Lower Merion rod and gun club.

I shot there once, many years ago, late at night on an indoor range.

Also helped out with a basic pistol course there a few times.

I'll ask around after the holidays, but failing to find anything I might

just have to start my own! My local club has an excellent facility.

I'd also like to find training that is (a) not on the other side of the country,

(b) not out of reach financially, and © of decent quality.

That might be difficult!
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