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Mounting Surefire X200B on M&P???

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Im sure that there is a easy fix to my issue, im just not smart enought to figure it out

The Surefire X200B that slides right on the rail of my Glock 23, will not slide back on my M&P's rail far enough to lock into the rail. I tried to switch out the mounting plate on the X200B with no luck. Any ideas???[/u]
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ridetime said:
Mine was the same way. I just used alot of force and it snapped in place. Now after being on and off 15-20 times, it snaps on with a perfect fit.


Could you post a pic of the mounting plate you are using on your X200? The batt. cover/switch is up against the front of the trigger guard on mine, so it wont slide back any further on the rail.
Captain Ray,

ridetime was correct! I just slid it all the way back on the rail again, and gave it a lite tap on the front of the light. It clicked right into place, and came off easily. ***Just make sure that the weapon is unloaded first, since you will unavoidedly cover your hand with the muzzle when pushing/tapping on the front of the light***


Thanks for the fix :wink:

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