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I had both. Just two days ago I got rid of my Glock 19.5 (Picked up a full size 2.0).

Anyhow I was a long time Glock shooter until the 2.0's came out. I honestly do not care for the Gen 5 Glocks after having the 19.5 (only Gen 5 I have had).

The cutout was an issue as I felt it and it distracted me. The flared magwell pushed my grip up making it feel tight, vs a 19.4. The finish on the slide was too slippery and scratched really easily. The Ambi slide lock was the biggest issue I had. The Gen5 version stick out more than the previous versions. My high grip would sometimes bump it locking back the slide in the middle of a mag. It also looks like a major after thought and it sticks out on both sides. I MUCH prefer the more flush, non-ambi slide lock on the Gen4's. I had to adjust my grip to not touch the slide lock which really irked me. Lastly I actually like the finger groves on the Gen 4's. They help make the blocky grip of the Glock fit in my hand better. On the Gen 5 they are gone and it feels like a 2x4 now.

The trigger was better than previous generations. In my Gen4's I have the minus connector to smooth things out. The Gen 5 trigger felt like that or slightly better out of the box. I am also a fan of the stock Glock sight picture (ball in the bucket) yes I am weird I guess. I upgrade all of my Glock's to the OEM steel version of those sights, including the 19.5 that I had. Oh and the mags are cheaper and easier to find.

The 2.0 compact fits my hand way better and points better than any Glock I own. I was hessitant about getting a 1.0 M&P in 9mm (only caliber I shoot) because of issues they had in the past. I shot a friends Compact 2.0 and really liked it. So far my only negative is the cost and availability of mags. I bought my for $399.
Straight up honest good comparison AND review! :yes
Any ammo related issues with either one of the glock vs m&p?
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