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I bought my MP 45 from bass pro shop 8-10-07 when I got it home I noticed several flaws w/ the finish on the slide appeared un-even and thin, could see silver above/below extracter area and the extracter was at best 50/50 finished, okay I'm thinking its stainless, maybe I should have checked it at the store as carefully as I did the display, so I'll live with the little imperfections right? Wrong!

I took it to the range 8-13-07 I brought winchester wb and rem. umc both 230gr, and had loaded the 2 mags that came with the gun at home with the wwb. the first mag 2 ftf's, 2nd mag 2ftf's. thinking to myself aint this some s***. continued shooting the wwb had 8 total ftf's out of 50. Okay onto the umc first mag (at this point I'm only loading 8 instead of 10)whole mag fed, went bang, and ejected without a hiccup all is well with the world again. Either this gun doesn't like wwb or the mag springs are still to tight right? Wrong again! the next mag you guessed it ftf. arrrg (pirate swearin)

Now mabey I should also mention before I get ahead of myself, that except for the first two mags I'm firing from a bench rest at 25yds. now admittedly I am not an olympic shooter and when shooting off-hand I'll take what the target gremlins give me, but on a bench rest with my kimber or my hk I can consistently group within 2-3" with the ocasional "fly". This gun was giving me on average 18-20". now before the laughing and booing starts, My 19y old son bart was also with me (not as good as the old man, but a pretty good shot) but he couldnt get a decent group out of this beast either! so there you have it 250 rd's 25 ftf's and not able to hit the perverbial side of the barn, Back to S&W it goes!

On 8-14-07 after talking with smith and bass pro its decided the gun will get shipped back through B.P.S. along with a note stating the problems 1) Finish 2)Feeding 3)accuracy.

The waiting begins tic toc tic toc 15 min.s go by, time to find a new hobby!

Yesterday 8-31-07 the phone rings its B.P.S. my gun is back the clerk reads the repair order to me over the phone: 1)replaced barrel stud (no idea what that is but glad they fixed it)

2)replaced extractor (remember finish was shotty)

3)replaced springs as needed (no kiddin thats what it says)

4)barrel modification

5)inspected/tested & passed

"Cool man I'll be right there" I made off with nervous anticipation of finally picking up my "better than new" handgun which has now been handed down from one of the best of the best gunsmiths at S&W, the guy's who are called upon to fix the worst screw-ups to make their way down the assembly line right? Wrong (okay thats gettin old I know, last time I promise).

I get to the store the firearms dept manager and I open the box containing my re-vamped mp 45

and there it is, not one of the areas where the finish was missing or thin was fixed,except for the replaced extractor. In fact now there is an additional area where the finish looks SCRATCHED!

on the bottom of the slide just in front of the accessary rail. oh and what of that "barrel modification" mentioned on the repair order. We feild stripped the pistol and low and behold some-body went ape-s*** with a dremel tool on my FEED RAMP! folks I'm telling you this looks like crap, un-even on every imaginable angle. Upon further inspection there is now a rolled hard pin pretruding out the left side of the gun about an1/8". Quality control? workmanship? Pride? None that I can see! Needless to say I refused the gun, penned a letter to the repair dept, had the store manager sign it, and send it back to S&W. I'll let you know how I make out this time.

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