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MP Compact trigger vs. Kahr trigger

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I'd like to hear a comparison of the trigger pull/feel of an MP Compact and a Kahr polymer gun. I 've shot a Kahr CW9 and wasn't a fan of the trigger. Is the MP similar to it?
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I have both a Kahr PM9 and a M&P 9C. The Kahr has a long and very smooth revolver feel to the trigger, approximately 7lbs. There is no trigger reset to speak of. Several magazines have called it the smoothest revolver type trigger in the business, if you want a safer revolver type trigger.

That being said, the M&P trigger when new has a gritty feel but does smooth out after 200-300 rounds. My stock M&P trigger had a much shorter pull than the PM9. The M&P tested out at 6.5 lbs after 1300 rounds. It had a so-so trigger reset. I had some trigger work done, and it now tests at 5 lbs, with a perfect reset, and much, much smoother pull. Accuracy with the new trigger went way up.

Accuracy, there is no comparison. The M&P, especially after trigger work, smokes the Kahr. My Kahr has 1000 rounds, and the M&P 1400 rounds, with absouloutely zero failures of either gun. Concealabilty, there is no comparison, the Kahr is much easier to conceal and is my primary carry gun, especially in the summer.

Two are always better than one, buy them both!
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Thanks - that was an excellent report. Do you have any experience with the pull on a Glock, in comparison to the other two?
Personally, I hate the trigger on Glocks. I think it is way too spongy and long, but that's my personal preference. I'm used to Single Action or DA/SA, not Glock's Safe-Action.

The nicest trigger I have fired on an auto was the M&P 40 (full sized) at the local gun range, with 40,000+ rounds through it. It was EXTREMELY smooth. Reset didn't matter at the time, as I was just getting used to it...but that's very easy to fix by yourself with a set of files and a vise
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M&P v. GLock Triggers

Personally, I find the M&P compact triggers to be very similar to the Glock. One difference is that the M&P seems to require slightly more forward travel for reset.

In my limited experience with Kahr pistols, I found their triggers to be very long and stiff. Compacts are already challenging due to the short sight radius. I want a shorter and lighter trigger to promote accuracy whenever possible; but, a CCW should not have a light trigger due to the possibility of accidental/negligent discharge. I think the M&P compact trigger is just fine for CCW applications, and plan to use it as such once break in is finished.
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