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MP Night Sights

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Ordered my MP yesterday with 3 mags and night sights. Should be here for me to hit the range Sat. What brand of night sights does SW use?
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awesome, i get mine monday... 10 day cali wait...
Sweet, Trijicons are my favorite. Waiting sucks.
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How hard is it to replace the stock sights with night sights? I am thinking of getting a set.. If it is too hard, how much does it cost to have them installed?

i heard people sending it back to SW but it costs about 100$?...

I wouldnt unless you can buy them aftermarket cheaper..

when i saw mine, they look like a micro glow stick thick as 1 stand of phone wire in each side.
Dan Burwell said:
My pistol came with Novak's. Are those stuffed by Trijicon?
Novak low profile design with Trijicon inserts
How do ya like the Novak low mount/trijicon inserts? Would love to see an M&P with some Truglo TFOs on it. :wink: Gotta love bright sights not just in the night but daytime too.
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I really like the Novak's, great sight picture with plenty of daylight on both sides of the front sight. They are dead on.
How hard would it be to change out the sights on your own...on an M&P? The low mount novaks look nice. But I really like the brightness Truglos TFOs have in both night/Tritium glowing...and daylight/Fiber Optic glowing from the sunlight. Anyone here have an M&P with Truglo TFOs installed? If so, mind posting a picture for us to drool over?


Also...from the looks of the novaks. The Truglo's seem to have very similar appearance in design. I just went to their website and at the moment...they dont seem to offer a TFO sight for the M&P.
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I asked by e-mail (oct 5) if novak had fiber optic sights out for the MP yet and this was the reply.....

Not at this time but should have some in the next 2-3 months so please check back with us or watch the website.


(304) 428-2676 (phone & fax)

PO Box 4045 Parkersburg, WV 26104

1206 30th St. Parkersburg, WV 26101
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my night sights say novak on them...
Yep, the sight is made by novak and if you take it off and flip it over it will say trijicon the maker of the inserts.

Hello Y'all!

Just picked up my M&P40 today. It feels great, and it is a much better fit to MY hand than my G23 that I have been carrying for the past 8yrs. BIG IMPROVEMENT!!!

Mine came with the Novak/Triji night sights, but I plan on replacing the rear with Hilton Yam's upcoming M&P 10-8 rear sight with some titium lamps installed. Im not crazy about the low-profile/no snag design of the Novak (and others). I like to snag my rear sight on to my belt or other gear to manipulate the slide for malfunction clearances/reloads etc. Heres a link to his site with info on the 10-8 rear sight:
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