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mp9 first range report

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My second time out with my new mp-9. I shot 150 rounds Friday and 250 Saturday. I seem to be shooting left 3-4 inches at 10 yards. I am grouping in a 4 to 5 inch circle with most rounds. Yeah - I have 3-4 strays out of 17 rounds that are 5 to 8 inches out and anywhere on the sheet but I attribute those to lack of practise and poor execution. I had my son-in-law with me and he was mostly left as well. I feel some of the left problems are related to obvious right offset of the front sight that I have seen many write about here. SO... after conferring with the smith at the range (who agreed the sight was 1mm right) - I got him to center it. I didn't have time to shoot more to check out so I'm looking forward to my next trip to see if that helps. I also noticed the gritty feel in the trigger and am think about taking the queue from you guys and start with a polish job. I not experienced with the gun enough yet to think about a complete trigger job but i see one coming in the future. I'm feeling 3 distinct steps of the trigger action but am not sure what each is doing. Any tips would be appreciated. This forum is great. I'm enjoying the topics and learning a lot from you guys. I think it's awesome that Dan Burwell would take so much time to offer his input - even on things that many gun smiths would want to charge for. Thanks Dan.
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The trigger on my M&P9 is different from my Sig P229 DAK but I slowly but surely got used the M&P trigger pull. I now prefer it more than my DAK trigger. It's now my #1 range shooter and my Sig as the safe queen. But I love them both.
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that's good news.

does the gritty feel wear out of it eventually?
Yes I think so. The feel of the trigger has greatly improved since I put more and more rounds through it. I have also been dryfiring it using A-Zoom snap caps.
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