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Well, I finally made it to the range after getting my MP9 last Saturday. My first impression was GREAT! This is a really comfortable gun to shoot, I put about 400 rounds through it and would have kept going but i didn't bring enough ammo. I shot 200 rounds Win 124gr. Nato ball, 100 rounds Win. 147gr JHPs and about 100 more rounds of mixed ammo including some factory reloads my dad had lying around.

Every round fed, fired and ejected perfectly with the 124gr Win seeming to shoot closest to POI. It seemed the 147gr stuff shot a little high, but that could definitely be me. I was shooting a little low left off the bat, but with a little experimenting with grip and trigger finger placement by the end of the day I was getting much better. My dad brought along his new 229 DAK (357sig) and i have to say I liked the trigger, but man, that thing is a chunker compared to the M&P. No contest there.

The only issue i had all day was after maybe 250 rounds or so the slide failed to lock back on two consecutive magazines. I immediately field stripped it just to see what the inside looked like and it was a little dirty but nothing major. I didn't do any cleaning, just put it back together loaded up the two mags again and went back to shooting. After that, if functioned perfectly for the rest of the day. I'm not sure if there was a little gunk under the slide stop, or if i accidently hit it with my thumb, but the problem never surfaced again, so i'm not really worried about it. As soon as i get it cleaned up, the M&P is going on the nightstand!!!

All in all, I'm extremely happy with my new pistol and i can't wait till next week to get back to the range. I just need to figure out how i'm gonna afford enough ammo now, these things are really addictive!!
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