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Several weeks ago I was fortunate enough to take part in Bill Jeans’ Intermediate Tactical Pistol course. For this course I decided to use a duty rig to include a Safariland 6280 as my shooting platform. The firearm being used was a Smith and Wesson MP9. The pistol had just returned from Dan Burwell’s shop and featured one of his trigger jobs, a textured front and back strap, and one of Dan’s custom rear sights featuring a single tritium insert. The course consisted of three days of varying skill development drills that addressed topics such as multiple target engagement, shooting on the move at various angles, and lowlight shooting. One of the great things about the course was the fact that Bill didn’t mandate a certain number of rounds to be fired during each drill. As he said, “it is your fight; you choose how to fight it.” He also told us that two rounds on the bad guy is typically just a “good start” and that we should be ready to keep shooting until the fight is over. Overall, the course was outstanding and I have already made plans to train with Bill again.

The duty rig worked without a hitch as expected. My M&P also ran like a champ with no malfunctions over approximately one thousand rounds being fired through it during the course. Dan’s trigger job had the trigger pull reduced down to about 4.5 pounds with zero negative aspects to it. The texturing job, while extremely aggressive to some, felt great in my hand and kept the gun in place even while we were shooting in the rain. Finally, Dan’s custom rear sight was simply awesome. The notch was cut wide enough it allowed me to easily shoot with both eyes open with no negative impacts to my accuracy. Even when rain collected in the serrations on the sight, there were negative effects on my shooting ability. The single tritium insert present in the sight allowed me to easily make my hits while shooting the low/no light drills. Using the single insert in conjunction with the factory tritium front sight enabled me to keep the sights lined up and get accurate hits in a very quick manner during lowlight conditions.

Dan’s work is some of the best I have seen and it is with ease that I point everyone in need of M&P work his way. If you want to have your M&P running like a scalded dog then send it to Dan and let him do his magic. It will be worth every penny.

Pic of Dan's rear sight

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