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MTAC and/or CTAC holster users?

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Hi, I'm seriously considering buying either an MTAC or CTAC holster for my M&P9c and I have a question for those who have either. Are these holsters *only* for use while wearing a belt or can it be comfortably used without a belt. I.E. while wearing jean shorts or khaki shorts. thanks, Troy
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Generally, concealed carry without a belt is a no-no. I would recommend a belt regardless of holster type. With the MTAC and CTAC I would guess that if you tried to draw the weapon and the holster was not attached to a belt there would be a good chance that you'd draw the entire holster and not just your pistol.
Thanks Choochboost. So, now that I understand the 'no-no' with the belt situation you spoke me with this one if you can. It's still fairly hot here in Nebraska and I like to ride my bike on the trails or around the neighborhood usually in my Khaki shorts or denim shorts. If I want to carry my M&P9c without wearing a belt while wearing my shorts what method would you recommend that would be comfortable and still be concealed while riding? I'm pretty sure I'll buy just the MTAC holster but I'm open to suggestions for more optional carry/conceal material methods for these situations. Thanks
there isn't a holster to fit every need. the CTAC is a good holster. I own one and enjoy it very much. However, i also own a few other holsters. The one I would use while riding my bike is my shoulder holster. Riding a bike with any kind of vigor moves the hips quite a bit and while in the sitting position...this would tend to try and toss the gun or at least be a very uncomfortable ride.

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