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MY M&P 40

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5 high capacity magazines. Streamline MX3 tactical light.
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I need to get me one of those lights. looks sweet on there.

I love the way the lighting is in that pic...
mykill said:
I don't know what killer thinks about it, but I like what you did!
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Its cool like what he did .

one problem it doesnt hold 17+1 rounds its 15+1
I noticed he had the magazine capacity for a 9mm, and if you look close the gun in the photo is a 40, but you have to look close to notice that!
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Nice catch... mykill did a sweet job with photo shop

yuh sorry bout that misprint....i didnt like the way that one turned out tho so oh well....glad you guys like them tho
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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