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My M&P 9mm arrived!

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Picked it up yesterday.

Dealer even had 2 extra mags that I just had to have.

Took it home, read the manual. Boy, there's a lot of red lawyer speak in there...

Close outside inspection. No marks of any kind. Steel appears well made.

Cycling the action. Slide stiff and a little gritty to cycle. Will break in nicely, methinks.

Did my first field disassembly. The weird little thing in the magwell before slide can be taken off is a little strange. No big deal.

Slide came off, again all the steel parts seem very well made.

Ran a couple of patches thru the barrel. Another observation: Need smaller patches...

How to take the recoil spring off the guide rod? Decided against trying.. Dark garage, spring under pressure, did NOT feel like searching for small parts last night...

All parts were wiped down, and a drop of CLP oil placed on all points mentioned in the manual.

Reassembled and started playing with the interchangeable straps.

Man, that 1/4 turn of the frame tool was tight. Almost couldn't do it with my fingers. Finally did it, and started testing the large and medium grips. I found the medium to be preferable at this point. I will revisit this after shooting it a little.

Wiped down the mags, the 2 in the case and the extra 2. Did not disassemble the mags and clean the internals. Packed all mags with rounds, each mag twice. Thumb sore now.

Overall first impression was most favorable. Even the carrying case is darn nice. A step up from the blue one my S&W stainless 1911 came in, for sure. It may even fit both the M&P and the 1911...

Another good thing is that Blade-Tech shipped the holster WAY ahead of the expected 5 weeks, should arrive on my doorstep today...

First match tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates.
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New Use for "Church Key"

Glennrn said:

When I purchased by M&P, my gun dealer showed me an easier, softer way to remove the tool. You take the magazine and place the bottom lip of the magazine underneath the inner edge of the tool after it has been turned 1/4 turn, then use the magazine as a lever and pry out the tool. It works every time! It does not damage either the magazine or the tool and is a lot easier on your fingers...

Give it a try.

I use the bottle opener end of my "Church Key" bottle/can opener to remove the tool. I took it with me to the range as I was deciding which grip to use on my M&P 9. This method does no damage to the pistol or the tool. (Of course I used a hillbilly wrench set (a pair of rusty pliers) to move the tool that first one quarter of a turn
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