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Well here she is, an LE model 9mm with factory night sights. I am really loving this gun, it gives me the warm and fuzzies like no other before her. I plan to give a tough first outing to she how well she holds up. This model does have the extend slide stop but honestly I could care less, it is a slide stop not a release therefore I never use it with the sole exception of lowering the slide on an empty mag.

My Comp-Tac gear is here which I will post a pic of that in another thread, the last thing she needs is a Surefire X200B and that is about all I plan to do to her.

Stock she is perfect, the trigger is nice but the trigger break is a little stiff, comparable to a Glock with an NY1, I put a small dab of oil in the trigger housing and it is not that sharp *SNAP* that was there before. I bet once I get some real trigger time in with her that issue will be gone with some wear.
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