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My new 40c

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I have been carrying a revolver for a while, and decided I needed a semi-auto. I just got my M&P 40c the other day. Shot it for the first time this morning. Wow! I am a very happy guy. This shoots great, and feels great in my hand. Only shot 50 rounds, but of course had no problems. Will have to put a lot more rounds through it before it becomes my carry gun, but it is on its way. Thanks S&W.
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STOP IT!!! I have the .40 full size and now YOUR MAKING ME WANT TO BUY THE COMPACT TOO.

Shame on you. I already have a good CCW in my S&W CS45. Don't really "need" the .40 M&P Compact - BUT - Sure am wanting one....
Agh!!! My Eyes!!!! You sir, are an infidel!

My wife might be calling on you about this one day….
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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