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Well I finally got my MP9 and made it out to the range. Brought a friend along for a second opinion as well. Had to dig up some 9mm to feed it so we managed to find a box of Blazer, some Winchester, some older WWB, and some REALLY old and dirty Walmart WWB that had once been rolling around in the trunk of my Tempo three or four years ago. About 350 rds total.

Playing around with the grips was a lot of fun. My buddy like the medium but I found the small to be better. Actually, neither one was perfect for me so I may be modifying the small in the future with a innertube or something.

We took turns firing and loading mags. Slow accurate fire, fast double taps, and rapid fire as fast I I could pull the trigger.

Zero Malfunctions.

Loaded, fired, extracted and ejected everything we fed it.

One funny issue we had for the first hundred rounds is that the spent shelling were being ejected directly up and back in a gentle arch. About one out of every five cases made bounched off the top of my head. :roll: It seemed to clear up after a hundred rounds.

This was an informal shoot, but I found the MP to be plenty accurate, easy to shoot and comfortable. I am not nuts about the trigger, or the sights. I believe both will have to be modified here shortly.

Thanks to one and all that post here. If it wasn't for this sight I would have never given a S&W auto a second glance.
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