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Purchased my M&P9, seiarl # MPX49xx Friday Nov 2nd. Put about 100 through it at the downstairs range the same day, another 650 round through since. Using mostly Reminton UMC 115gr, but also some cheap Blazer and Winchester White Box.

In all 750 rounds never a failure of any sort. Have noticed the brass landing relatively close to me but not necessarily hitting me. I have found that I tend to shoot a bit low but get great groups at 10 and 20 yards. I have been reading about some of the trigger pull exercises and have been working on my anticipating the recoil leading to the low shots.

GREAT gun, glad I bought it! (The XD and the M&P were my two choices and the 2 free mags + $50 cash back sealed the deal for me) Sent the coupon and the Recipt in one week ago today so look forward to geeting my early Christmas presents from S&W soon!
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