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My response from Congress

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I wrote my congressman regarding the 10 round magazine limit. I copied and pasted the response I recieved 2 months late---here goes:

Dear Mr. xxxxx(name deleted but the rest is verbatim):

Thank you for contacting me regarding the ten round magazine limit for semiautomatic handguns. I always appreciate hearing the views of my constituents, and I am glad you took the time to correspond with me.

Please know that I understand your concerns regarding the ten round magazine limit for semiautomatic handguns. As an avid sportsman and a staunch defender of the Constitution, I agree with you that the right of Americans to bear arms is of critical importance. However, all rights must be balanced with the need for protecting the security of all members of our society. For example, free speech guarantees do not allow a person to falsely yell fire in a crowded movie theater. Similarly, the ten round magazine limit, along with other safeguards, is important to ensure that law enforcement officials are not outgunned while performing their duty. You can be sure that I will pursue rational and effective gun safety policy for our nation.

Please know that I do value your insights, and while we may not agree on every issue, I always take your views into consideration when evaluating policy matters. Please continue to keep me apprised of issues that are important to you.


Mike Honda

Member of Congress

To receive updates on issues and events important to you, please sign up at for my e-mail newsletter.

Well there you go. Written proof of out nazi regime. ;>



P.S. Avid sportsman my ass
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Sounds about right

Unless someone really has a positive view of anything regarding firearms in Goverment your not going to get a good reply that is meaningful.
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BTW, Nazi regime meant California where I live. Now you have actual proof of what our "representatives" think and feel about the law abiding citizens rights. He stated that he didn't want the cops outgunned. I never said I wanted to outgun the cops in my letter to him. Hell there were 150 homicides in Oakland last year--that's just over and hour from here. The cops weren't outgunned--they never showed up. I just don't want that to happen here.

I stated how hi cap mags added to our defense and how sometimes they (10 round mags) caused malfunctions for a gun designed for hi cap mags. Ok i reached at a few straws, but I had to go all the way. I felt it necessary to write congress and express my views. I'm not relying on the NRA to fight my battles, so if you're in my boat--write your congressman and tell him what you think. Also, by posting his response, hopefully will give some actual insight on California's situatiion regarding the 2nd amendment.


Good Luck But

Sadly I really don't see Kalifornia changing anything firearm related for the good. Seems they would rather let people get killed then allow them to really be able to defend themselves like NewYork and many others worthless States. And years ago I lived in California. If you look at any of the online sporting supply Co.s you see the notices can't be shipped to State of California.
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Yeah, it was a longshot, but I figured with the Terminator as our governor, it was now or never. I appreciate Honda's response, though I disagree with it. At least now I know where he stands on this issue, and I can make my vote accordingly, as in not for him. Hell, maybe I'll run for office. I have a 4 year degree. I'll make it a law that every non felon, carry a firearm at all times, and in road rage cases, the one who lives wins. ;>


All I can say is go as big as you can if you can only carry 10 rounds.
A state full of pinkos will never have good gun laws. Even the "Govenator" can't seem to change things for the better in "Commiefornia".

I feel your pain. I live in the ONLY southern state (NC... Virginia doesn't count)) with pinko gun laws.

Sadly, Dumb-O-crats seem to be taking over the country. It'll only get worse unless we stop illegal immigration from Mexico.
>>>>All I can say is go as big as you can if you can only carry 10 rounds

True, that's why I have a 686P for home defense. 7 rounds of .357 trumps 10 rounds of .40 or 9 any day, but I use the MP8 for recreation, and it's cheap on ammo. Even cheaper than .38's through the revolver.


So, his justification of having a 10 round limit is to "ensure" the safety of the public, and that no civilian would have as many rounds in their handgun as an LEO? What a bunch of (&^^#!!!!!

You just got shafted with a letter full of cr*p. He understands alright, he understands that he doesn't give a rats arse.

So, let's see. All those great many states with no mag limitations. I haven't heard of a massive probem with law abiding gun owners shooting up cities, and creating massive amounts of chaos, death, and plundering.

I hate Kalifornia. I hate the bay area, I hate the communist politicians of Kalifornia, and I hate Kalifornia. I so can't wait to get away from it.
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Response to your response:

"I understand the purpose of the legislation, but the reality is not what was intended. The law in no way effects criminals who can buy anything they wish illegally. The law effects only law abiding citizens who are now legislated into exactly the position feared for law enforcement. Citizens are now at a serious disadvantage in defensive situations, while criminals remain well armed.

Citizens are not stupid, and clearly see the disadvantage they are at. This poorly written and ill conceived piece of legislation might be one of the most ignored gun control statutes ever instituted. While having no effect at all on violent criminals, it does serve to turn otherwise lawful gun owners into criminals for nothing more than the desire to protect home and family at least as well as police officers protect themselves.

It's bad law and reflects badly on all who support it. Repeal it."
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Law abiding citizens don't shoot at cops, so the outgunned thing is just more baloney.
Congress men and woman recently complained about having to work more days out of the week. my friend showed me a article that some live in the west coast, have to fly out Tuesday and work till Thursday and fly back Thursday. WHAT A HARD WORK WEEK!! NOT!!!!

They were complaining that working more days they will have less time with thier families blah blah blah.. such BS Tell that to the Troops in Iraq!

About the response letter, heck those might as well be computer automated responses..
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Heh, I apprecuate your outrage and agree. I was going to shoot some cops today, but remembered my limit. I don;t want to break any laws and such, so I'll wait for my 3 mags from the MP store. ;> BTW just a joke, our cops keep us plenty safe and I respect and admire them for their continued efforts. The way I found around the 10 round max is ----Mpre mags!!!!! From the MP store--great prices and good folks. In fact Jester himself greeted me at the door and pointed me to men's Speedo swimwear.; > Ok the last part was a joke, but more mags are on the way--until they outlaw them. ;


They were complaining that working more days they will have less time with their families blah blah blah.. such BS Tell that to the Troops in Iraq!

That's exactly what I thought! Current deployment time for a soldier is 18 months, and a lot of soldiers are getting stop lossed and are deployed even longer! Not to mention several units being deployed several times, for over a year at a time. Congress should be ashamed of its self!

I'm losing faith guys....
I have to add to this.

This gun thing really kills me.

Make highcap mags a crime to possess.

So now the crooks don't have high cap mags.

Make robbing banks a crime,... ohhh wait,..... it is a crime,

but the crooks haven't stopped robbing banks.

A lot of our politicians have this mentality.

Common sense of a 6 year old child.

(Sorry 6 year old children, no offense)

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Lets see:

1) the cops have fully autmtic weapons that don't cost $20k a pop. So they aren't outgunned.

2) anyone in posession of a normal capacity mag has incentive to shoot back rather than have more felony charges slapped on them.

Screw outgunned, I'm getting sick of this general notion of writing more and more laws so that if you do anything the state has a problemw ith you, they can go down a laundry list of laws they normally don't bother enforcing to make the charges against you as heinous as possible.

This polarizes government and citizens into a big us vs. them mentality, but in addtion to that, it sends the message to criminals that you go big or you go home. You willfully violate the law, and it there is little difference between turning it into a violent altercation or not.

I'm not just talking about serious crimes, heck locally you get picked out of the crowd of folks doing 85 on the highway in the morning, you could realisticly have no legal means of getting to work, and be looking at an additonal $7000 of exepnses over the next 3 years for what basically ammounts to nothing unusual. For a lot of people, thats enough to basically end life as they know it just like incurring large medical bills.

At that point, lots of people are thinking that cop really isn't any different than someone mugging them.
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