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1108VA said:
Being that Virginia is a shall issue state, my wife decided to get her CCW permit. She has been looking at a few different guns and decided on the 40c. She has about 150 rounds through it so far and all went well. She has fired the Glock 27 but doesn't care for that brand. She tells me that the recoil is much more controllable compared to the Glock 27. The trigger reset took a little getting use to for her but it will work out. Overall, the M&P compact is a great little gun. I enjoyed shooting it so much that I'm thinking about a full sized for myself.

Very cool! She is on top of things. I felt the same way abou the glock 27. I own a Glock 26 and feel the 40C's recoil is less than it too.

Good choice and glad she likes it!!
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