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We've just added the .40 MinorMatch load from Southern Ballistic Research to our online catalog. SBR loads custom ammunition on the latest computerized equipment and is producing our MinorMatch load in new brass for us. This load uses a 180 gr. Berry's plated HP bullet and has been tested in several different guns for accuracy and velocity. The .40 MinorMatch ammunition has helped win several matches lately and power factors in different guns are: S&W M&P 40, average velocity - 720 for a 129.6 pf. Glock 35, average velocity - 760 for a 136.8 pf. S&W PC 4006 5 inch, average velocity - 738 for a 137.9 pf. This is a very soft shooting load and consistent load, the extreme spread from these three guns was an average of 37 fps.
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