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I picked up my Shield .40 today at my range/shop and put some rounds down range right out of the box. This is a little unusual for me since I usually completely disassemble an unfamiliar weapons system, clean it, inspect it, lubricate and reassemble so as to familiarize myself with any particular design differences. But I was curious so here we go. The only thing I added to the mix was an additional two (2) extended seven (7) round magazines and an NDZ extended base plate for the 6 round mag. The Manufacture date is 02/12/15. Everything was stiff as expected, slide racking, magazine loading (I could only get 6-1 or 7-1 in their respective mags), and manual safety.

California Approved!

Ammunition: Remington UMC Yellow Box 165 grain MC (FMJ) 250 rounds
Reliability was 100%. Flawless.

First Good Impressions:
1. The gun was very comfortable to shoot. Yep it's a .40 and had no more kick than the Steyr M40-A1 with the same ammo. A pleasant surprise.
2. The stock sights acquired the target quite fast for 3 dots and had no issues shooting relatively fast at 3 and 7 yard SD distances. And by fast I mean not completely violating my home range rules on rapid fire. I did throw a couple DTs in there which did not illicit a response from the RSO over the PA system.
3. The gun was accurate or better said, I shot it well. This is really due to the next note. And when I say accurate I mean I could shoot a ragged hole at 3 yards (bad breath distance) in the Thoracic Cavity or Cranium while shooting as slow as possible. Not realistic or really necessary in a gun fight but a really good test of guns sights and trigger systems. This would be consistent with most high quality modern Striker Fired or DAO pistols today. IMO :blink:
4. The trigger was the best surprise. Although it breaks heavier than all my other Semi Auto pistols, it was the best stock trigger I have shot. Really, no grit and a clean break every time. Not going to run out for an Apex Carry kit right away, that's for sure. If it ain't Broke...
5. I simulated the typical carry loadings in all four magazines with 6+1 and 7+1 loaded and firing through worst case scenarios. Rapid fire through all 28 rounds in say 30 - 45 seconds for example. No failures. Barrel smoking hot. Reload, let cool. So reliability is 100% for this particular ammo. BTW as noted above I could not fully load any magazine to capacity at first. After 100 rounds they were good to go.

The Bad:
For me personally, having XL hands, the manual safety is a non-starter. I can only manipulate it right now by turning the gun in my hand to get my thumb sausage tip on there. Not like a 1911 inside knuckle sweep while pointing IN. No way that flies. The good news is: its stiff like the rest of the gun so it shall remain off.
So what I am saying, there is Nothing really bad about this weapon design. Oh yes, the CA loaded chamber billboard is Ridiculous but I never rely on LCIs anyway. Chamber Check, Magazine Check, Yep good to go...

I hope to follow up with a range report on SD and EDC ammo choices soon.

Edit Add: The trigger average [10 pulls] 7lbs 12.5 oz after 250 Rounds and strip / clean / lubricate [Lyman Electronic Trigger Pule Gage]
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