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All members are welcome to post their used items for sale. However, unless you are a sponsor, commercial sales are NOT allowed., and it's owner(s), are not liable for any transactions what so ever.

1. You must be a member for at least 30 days, and have 25 posts before you can use the classified sections of this site. Ads not meeting this criteria as of 11-22-22 will be removed.

FYI - Site software takes about an hour after you meet this threshold before you can make such a post.

2. PLEASE remember that weapon sales must go through an FFL - if the buyer and seller are in different states! Also, please abide by gun laws in each state (some states have magazine capacity limits)

3. No commercial sales, no exceptions. If you're a dealer and want to advertise , please contact an admin about advertising on M&P Pistol

4. Your location MUST be posted in the ad, or the post will be removed.

5. A price must be listed in the ad. Also, do not link to your forsale ad on another website or on an auction site. The full ad MUST be posted here at M&P Pistol Forum.

6. A photo of the item you are selling must be shown in the ad. If no photo is posted, your ad will be removed. In addition - please take an actual photo of the item itself - not a stock photo from the internet. There are too many scammers taking advantage of classified ads now-a-days.

7. No more than 4 ads are allowed by one member at any one time. If you have several items for sale, consider placing them in one or two large ads.

8. Secondary accounts are not allowed in the Classified Section. Anyone found posting items for sale under two names will have both their accounts locked.

9. All ads must have appropriate Titles: WTB= Want To Buy. WTT= Want To Trade. WTS= Want To Sell. Please put the location in the ad title as well. Example: WTS in Texas: Kimber Pro CDP

10. No posting of anything illegal. If you post illegal items, your account will be locked.

11. Once your item is sold, edit only the title of the ad to append "SOLD" to the existing title. Do not delete or edit the original title, ad text, or asking price. Adding a notice to the ad text that states the item is sold is acceptable.

12. Please post your items for sale in the appropriate classified area.

13. Bumps on your ad are allowed, but you must wait 48 hours between "bumps." Doing so more frequently can result in your ad being deleted.

14. All changes/updates should be done with the edit feature to the original post, not by adding another response.

15. Ads not updated every 30 days will be locked. Please either bump them every 30 days, or make sure to mark items as sold (in case you have them for sale on multiple forums)
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