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NEW Folding Carbine from Smith & Wesson: The FPC

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NEW Folding Carbine from Smith & Wesson: The FPC

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M1A4ME said;
”Really not trying to upset anyone, just wondering about the effects of training/muscle memory/stress when two things that similar are just a tiny bit different.”

That’s really good point!
I have no trouble in running my “no manual safety” M&Ps, Caniks, etc.; then running my 1911s. Never had a brain-fart yet over the safety/no safety thing; but what you noted about “very similar in most ways, but” is really a different animal. and that could require a bit of serious training to overcome.

Fortunately, I’m not in a situation like that; but it’d be very interesting to hear from both yourself and others who do have weapons that meet those criteria…
I’ve fired friend’s KelTec carbines before.
That S&W product looks much more robust to me.
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One of my ARs is an old (now) Bushmaster Carbon-15.
It has a carbon fiber forearm, buttstock, lower and upper receivers.
It weighs four pounds; which is less than the hand guns that I used to carry when running the dogs in the swamp during deer season here.

I sighted in two different optical sights on it; shooting right at 250 rounds each time (why cut the fun short; right?)
My shoulder was black and blue; both times. Now I’m not at all recoil sensitive, and had no trouble shooting it; but the bruises can attest to the recoil of the 5.56 round when fired from a light platform.

That said; it shoots great. I shot a running deer five times with it in a couple of seconds (until it fell and I couldn’t see it anymore). When the young guys went back in, carried it out of the swamp, and broke it down; those five shots were all just behind the front shoulder, and could be covered with the palm of your hand.

It’s a perfect rifle to carry in a Florida coastal swamp (basically subtropical jungle); the only exposed rifle part that wasn’t carbon fiber was the stainless steel barrel. 👍
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This intrigues me so much that I'm going to handle one tomorrow and if it feels and operates like it looks it will be going home with me. I've wanted a pistol calber carbine for years but haven't been impressed by any enough to buy one until now.
Me too; let us know what you think about it... 👍
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I have a couple 9MM AR types. If I stop to think about it I might be able to say the carbine kicks more than a .223 caliber carbine, but I'd have to have both laying on the bench and shoot both, one after the other, to say for sure.

Rick, are you on blood thinners? I take coumadin every day for a condition called Factor V Leiden. My blood clots too quickly, too easily (got a clot in my lower right leg - why they checked and found the hereditary condition). I've come back from the range, pulled my shirt off and found a bruise on my right shoulder (the same pattern as the little bumps on the back of the carbine buttstock - wild looking bruise for a couple days).

I look at a 9MM carbine as an intermediate range gun. More accuracy/velocity out past a pistol's normal range, but it's not in the same class as a .223/5.56X45 carbine.

Should allow the shooter to be more accurate/precise past normal handgun ranges and carry more ammo than the majority of handguns.

Mine won't fold up and go into a case like the S&W will.
No Sir, just a baby aspirin every morning; but I wasn’t when I was shooting the Carbon 15 those times.

I have no problems with a dot sight on a hunting gun; just not any of my carry guns. Why; you might ask?
Because in a gunfight; time is of the essence (and that’s a gross understatement)!
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