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New From Frisco Texas

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Just found this forum! I've been shut out of the Smith & Wesson Forum because I'm on AOL (I Guess). We own four S & W pistols, five if you count my wife's Walther PPK/S. Looking to buy a M P 40 as soon as I get straight with Sam (IRS). Looking forward to participating.
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The Ship had docked!

Hey shipwreck. Haven't I seen you somewhere before? Like on The Hand Gun Forum? You have wrecked my life!
I had my mind made up to buy a new M & P & then you started raving about the P99. I had to fondle one and now I can't live with out both guns! I want a P99c. Please don't tell my wife, she thinks I only want one more gun. :wink:
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Shipwreck Wrote

I actually have a new fullsize P99 coming in this week - Hopefully on Thur or Fri. I put a desposit down this week on it when they ordered it.

Do you find it cheaper to order on line or at a local gun dealer? The prices I see quoted online don't seem to be all that much cheaper when you factor in shipping cost and FFL fees even without paying taxes on out of state purchases. Plus I hate waiting. I know the selection is better on line. Most dealers only price their on hand stock competitively.

If the prices are better, who do you order from?

P.S. How many P99's do you have now????
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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