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New from PA

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Hey folks. At the persuasion of a friend, picked up a M&P 9 recently. No mag safety or lock. Great shooter, although I had to make a few minor adjustments on the rear sight to get the groupings centered. Much better weapon than any Glock I ever held.

My friend also picked up an M&P 40 on that trip to the shop. I'll have to get him on the boards. We got them both at East Coast Gun Sales in Duncansville, PA. Not quite as cheap as Buds, but if your local to the Central PA area, the guys at East Coast have lots of M&P's at great prices.

I had the M&P listed for sale because I had found a nice Beretta EII, but after haggling and such, I decided to keep it. It wasn't worth losing money over a gun that I really like. I think I made the right choice!

Hope to see some of you PA boys and girls out shooting someday. Happy Thanksgiving
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Thanks for the reply Dan. I want to get started in IDPA, and it looks like Hollidaysburg is my closest option (I'm In State College). What can you tell me about getting started down there?

And the M&P will be coming to you. My buddy wants to get a trigger job on his 40, so we are going to bring them both to you once we can get our schedules coordinated. It's too cool to have an M&P expert this close to us.
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